Carbon Neutrality

Reducing costs while remaining competitive: the automotive industry faces the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions and even achieving carbon neutrality in production, processes and supply chains. We accompany companies on their way to carbon neutrality and, if they want to go even further, on their way to becoming green companies.


  • What climate change targets do you need to achieve in the longer or shorter term? How can you demonstrate these results? 
  • What are the potential CO2 emission reductions from your real estate, technical infrastructure and production lines?
  • Do you know your Corporate Carbon Footprint?
  • Is your goal climate neutrality or do you want to become a green company?


Ensuring the long-term success and competitiveness of a company means that it must be able to produce sustainably and efficiently. We therefore support you in developing your strategy towards a carbon-neutral or even a green company, i.e. an organisation that, in addition to its commercial success, tries to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We offer solutions based on the principle of 'Measure, Reduce and Offset'. As a first step, we carry out a thorough situation analysis and draw up a CO2 balance sheet . Based on the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol”, we focus on direct emissions from combustion, indirect emissions from energy production and business activities. Finally, we check and define your CO2 reduction potential and the economic measures you can implement to achieve this. If necessary, we support you in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of these measures.

Dimension 1: Direct company emissions
  • Combustion of fossil fuels
  • Chemical and physical processes
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Car fleet
Dimension 2: Indirect emissions
  • External energy sources (electricity, collective heating, collective air conditioning)
Dimension 3: all other indirect emissions
  • Business travel (bus, train, plane and taxi)
  • Travel of employees between home and work
  • Water consumption
  • Paper consumption
  • Manufacture of precursor materials and raw materials
  • Building materials used
  • Purchase of materials, products and services       


  • Transparency on your carbon footprint
  • Overview of emission reduction potentials
  • CO2 neutrality strategy
  • Cost-effective measures


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