Commissioning Management

Commissioning Management

The commissioning costs for chemicals projects in the case of new plants generally account for between 8 and 15 percent of the total investment. This is because it is usually only when the complex buildings and plants are being commissioned that it becomes apparent what worked exceptionally well and what worked less well in the previous project phases.

With Drees & Sommer’s systematic commissioning management, these costs as well as the time and effort involved can be minimized. An important point is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The many interfaces make it necessary to organize each commissioning process individually – especially in view of the relationship between costs, deadlines and quality levels.

Using a special system called ‘3C Management’, therefore, our experts can integrate qualification into the process. This allows interfaces in the project to be turned into connecting points.


  • You want your building and related plant technology to be fully functioning from day one?
  • You know that the amount of work and time involved in commissioning for your previous projects was not ideal?
  • You want to noticeably reduce the commissioning costs for future new plants?
  • You are looking for strategies and mechanisms for effectively reducing or altogether avoiding unresolved issues in commissioning?
  • You want a minimum of interfaces from the start to ensure a high level of transparency in the project?


  • Integrated and comprehensive management of construction projects
  • Ensuring a balance between costs, deadlines and qualities
  • Reducing open issues and delays
  • Ongoing supervision of project participants and their tasks
  • Creation of a common basis for all stakeholders; preparation of contractual frameworks and monitoring of adherence to requirements


Commissioning management is an overall management process that supports those with responsibility for the project throughout all phases following project development. To perform this role Drees & Sommer uses a reliable mix of expertise, digital tools and established processes.

For instance, with a matrix showing the relationships between the trades, we determine the dependencies and interfaces in the project. We link the entire matrix with a controlling schedule so that we have an overview of the commissioning timeframe at all times. We identify the needs of the stakeholders in the planning phase. We monitor the execution process closely up to the handover to the operator, precisely coordinating the individual trades. During the startup phase and into the operating phase, we provide support on the resolution of any remaining issues. Our end-to-end commissioning management approach guarantees this.

This all enables us to provide full support to our clients: We take on the management and control, technical coordination, qualification and validation, documentation and handover of your construction project.


  • Fully functional needs-oriented buildings and plant from day one
  • Minimized project risks, smooth commissioning
  • Faster Start of Production (SOP) with consistently high product quality
  • Transparent mapping of complex interdependencies and critical deadlines
  • Rapid overview of schedule issues and any potential overlaps or collisions that result
  • Reliable unifying factor for the entire project
  • Optional 3C-Management® for early coordination of building and process planning, and of qualification activities. For this we cooperate with an experienced partner

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