Sustainable Refurbishment for the Chemicals Industry

Sustainable Refurbishment for the Chemicals Industry

Companies in the chemicals industry have a substantial stock of buildings and plant. It often makes more sense to optimize existing laboratories and manufacturing and logistics buildings rather than build new ones, not only for ecological reasons but above all to save time. Drees & Sommer’s industry experts give you full support in dealing with this complex challenge.

What Challenges Do You Face?

  • You are faced with constantly changing requirements and processes, as well as ever-changing demand for products.
  • You have to carry out complex renovation and alteration works in existing laboratory, manufacturing and logistics buildings without disrupting daily operations.
  • You are about to embark on extensive projects to modernize, modify or replace your plant technology on the basis of the latest security standards.
  • You want to future-proof existing manufacturing or research buildings and plants that are ageing, reaching the end of their useful lives, or are affected by compliance requirements.
  • You are facing a considerable backlog of maintenance and repairs in properties and large plants.

Our Approach

As part of a tailored program approach and on the basis of a framework partnership contract, Drees & Sommer experts provide services right from the project initiation phase. These range from traditional program control and management to an all-embracing engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) approach for refurbishment. All necessary alteration and renovation works are carried out in close consultation with you – from planning through execution and commissioning, to handing over to the user.

Our priority is to provide active, targeted support for your individual construction project. First and foremost, this includes leading the project team effectively on the basis of an organizational structure customized and approved in advance – saving you, the client, a lot of time and effort. You have reliable and transparent information on the performance levels at all times, and the final decision will be yours. At the same time, you will receive expert advice on all aspects throughout your project.

The Benefits for You

  • Extensive technical and organizational support for the client
  • Optimum support due to industry expertise (e.g. environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards)
  • High level of expertise in industry-specific plant and building types
  • Many years of experience of alteration projects without disruption to normal operations
  • Tailored approach based on characteristics of the specific project and client
  • Established toolkit consisting of expertise, digital tools and processes
  • Our teams are extremely flexible in terms of timings and location

More solutions for the enterprises of the chemical industry

Fine and special chemicals, construction chemicals, paints, adhesives, fertilizers, plant protection, detergents, care products, industrial gases and the mineral oil industry – each of these sectors contains a variety of sub-sectors, and they all come under the term Chemicals. With our products and solutions we help enterprises in this segment to achieve secure and successful projects. Whatever special details apply to the processes and results in each of the different areas, all of our products are secure, economically viable, digital, sustainable and innovative.

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