Roads, bridges, rail stations, airports, cable railways – transport infrastructure brings people together. It gets everyone quickly and reliably to their destination. An efficient infrastructure is not only an important success factor in the competition for investors – but also a constant in people’s daily routine. It becomes a natural part of our lives and our environment. An element that is always ready to adapt to changing needs. It is digital, sustainable, innovative and cost-efficient.

Do you need efficient infrastructure solutions? Ones that move people and goods quickly – but in harmony with nature? Solutions that not only work today and tomorrow, but that create stability and will meet future needs for decades? Regardless of whether you want to create efficient infrastructure for cities, urban districts or corporate campuses – we are the right partner for you.

Networking study for the Munich metropolitan region

Drees & Sommer and Hendricks & Schwartz were awarded the contract to undertake a ‘networking study’ to enhance the attractiveness of the Munich metropolitan area and launch a sustainable mobility concept. The goal of the study was to bring all the transport stakeholders together, consolidate knowledge, and promote the development of innovative solutions.

Frankfurt Central Station

The Drees & Sommer infrastructure experts are using Lean Site Management for the upgrade of Level B of Frankfurt Central Station. The project covers an area of over 61,000 square meters. The modernization of marketing and office space at the station requires work on many mutually dependent measures to progress smoothly.

SmartSite research project

The SmartSite research project uses innovative solutions to address the problem of defective surface layer construction. Technical process consultation and professional project management services provided by Drees & Sommer infrastructure experts ensured the smooth execution of the project.

DRESO+ FOR Powerful infrastructure:

Digital: An efficient powerful infrastructure makes use of the benefits of digital technology: From app solutions and automated maintenance to the use of artificial intelligence that supports the development of more effective guidance systems and autonomous driving.

Sustainable: The planning, construction and operation of efficient infrastructure has to be sustainable. This starts with roadbuilding materials inspired by Cradle to Cradle and extends far beyond the careful use of resources. Sustainable infrastructure solutions are expandable and future-oriented. 

Innovative: Few areas require so much radical rethinking as infrastructure and mobility: Developing completely new means of transport, using tried and tested approaches in new contexts, or developing revolutionary mobility concepts – an efficient and seamless infrastructure requires innovative approaches.

Cost-efficient: An efficient infrastructure is designed to allow seamless construction and cost-efficient operation. Affordable fares for public transport promote broad public acceptance. And the  resultinginfrastructure is safe and low-maintenance.