We think and act sustainably and holistically. In doing so, we take all facets of sustainability into account. Economy, ecology and functionality are inseparable for us.

We call this basic principle ‘the blue way’.  It pervades our entire company – internally and externally.

‘the blue way’ combines reason and emotion. Stringent, goal-oriented processes that allow space for creative freedom. In our projects, we always include the creative right hemisphere of the brain and the rational left hemisphere. This results in holistic thinking.

Our cooperation is based on partnership and transparency. We have a financial focus. We want to grow and generate good profits. We share these earnings with our employees. ‘the blue way’ also governs our interaction with our clients.


‘the blue way’ milestones

2019 DS Innovation Hub at Obere Waldplätze 22, Stuttgart
2018 Introduction of the Building Material Scout (BMS)
2018 LCM Digital
2017 Real Estate Usability (UX)
2016 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
2016 Projekt SmartSite: Construction sites are becoming intelligent
2016 Blue City – Integrated Urban Solutions
2016 BIM-Blog
2015 Digital Blue
2012 'the blue way' for the energy transition
2010 Optimization of established properties
2008 Green Building campaign
2007 Drees & Sommer becomes a founding member of the DGNB
2003 Mature Project Communication System (PCMS)
1999 Ahead of its time – Drees & Sommer in Untere Waldplätze 11, Stuttgart, Germany
1992 Eco-management for Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
1986 Introduction of building simulation