Educational facilities and research institutes face a wide range of challenges and emerging trends. These include sustainability, digitization, new mobility concepts and demographic change, alongside issues such as diversity, lifelong learning, internationalization and integration/inclusion. Demanding projects and unusual challenges require holistic advice and support, which our experts deliver with a combination of construction know-how and industry-specific experience.


Depending on requirements, Drees & Sommer supports the process of digital transformation either partially with the use of individual modules, or fully – all the way from status assessment, the development of a digitization strategy and concept development through to complete implementation including subsidy management, basic and ongoing training of users, and development of an operational concept. To this end, we cooperate with ComConsult GmbH as part of a long-standing strategic IT partnership, with macom GmbH for the technical planning of media, and with SIT UG in association with RWTH Aachen University in the fields of education, training and sociology. This provides you with an innovative range of services that is unique both in terms of its 360° view and the level of consultation offered.

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"How do we provide optimal support for your projects involving educational buildings and research institutes? Our interdisciplinary Expert Teams combine general construction know-how and sector-specific experience. This is essential for complex projects in the field of education, and allows projects to be implemented quickly and safely.”

Christian Zenker
Head of Education, Teaching and Research


Drees & Sommer enters into cooperative ventures with selected companies and associations to be able to offer an innovative range of services that is unique both in terms of its 360° approach and the level of consulting that can be provided.

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Georg Stadlhofer General Manager Drees & Sommer Austria | Education, Teaching and Research