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Recipe for economic life sciences buildings: For the sensitive buildings of the life sciences sector, you need experts with experience and a knack for the special GxP requirements. After all, the highest safety and hygiene standards apply in the three sectors of pharmaceutical technology, medical technology and medical biotechnology.

The necessary construction, process and qualification projects pose numerous challenges because they must not have a negative impact on business processes and must offer maximum security with regard to costs, schedules and quality. With many years of relevant industry experience, experts from Drees & Sommer support clients worldwide even before the start of actual planning. 


Solutions for Life Sciences and Pharma sector

Pharmaceutical technology, medical technology and medical biotechnology are all very distinct areas of Life Sciences. Our products and solutions help companies in this sector reliably achieve success in their projects. Despite all the different processes and outcomes, all our products feature a combination of economical, digital, sustainable and innovative components.



We maintain active membership of the key associations in the sector. Networking and exchange with all stakeholders is a key priority. Our ideas and competence allow us to make crucial inputs to the sector.


What we stand for