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LCM Digital

LCM Digital is a web-based production planning and management platform for successful control of planning and construction processes.

Real Estate Booster

The Real Estate Booster app allows all data from a TDD inspection to be collected digitally on site and processed immediately on a desktop computer. The special feature is that contents, structure and automatically generated export documents can be easily and flexibly adapted – for example to different real estate asset classes such as hotels, residential, or office properties. 


Photorealistic 3D models of real estate accurate to the millimeter – created in real-time: This is the functionality provided by the 3D laser scanner developed by startup NavVis. The associated software processes and visualizes the data and maps the interior of the entire building in a browser. This allows dimensions to be measured or plans to be exported to BIM to plan change processes. Unlike conventional BIM models, which only represent the blueprints or the target state, NavVis shows the actual condition of the building and its facilities.

Building Material Scout

Building Material Scout provides all information for green building projects bundled in one place. Product manufacturers benefit as well as architects, builders, construction companies and auditors.


Mosaix combines all real estate related data from different sources on one easy to use platform.

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