We achieve the best results for our customers with diverse teams, because diversity inspires and enriches our work. Together, we create an environment in which all employees are allowed to be themselves. Everyone has the same opportunities to develop – regardless of age, gender, physical and mental abilities, origin, nationality or other dimensions of diversity. 


It is important to us that our company reflects and integrates all aspects of diversity. We want to consistently embrace diversity and inclusion and create a respectful working environment for all colleagues.

Right mix. Real value: As a market and innovation leader, we find the best solutions for complex global problems. To do this we need the best teams. We find cooperating in diverse teams inspiring. Studies indicate that diverse teams (right mix) deliver the best results (real value). That’s why we make our teams as diverse as possible – always based on competency, commitment and qualification.

4.000 employees
73 nations
51 languages

We see each individual

We reject ‘off-the-shelf’ diversity and inclusion concepts, because generalizations and simplifications are counterproductive. A quota system does not do justice to individuals. So for us, diversity and inclusion involves seeing the individual people and embracing outcomes, rather than working within predefined systems. Why? Because particularly in the context of diversity and inclusion, we do not want to give preference to individual people or groups on the basis of a specific characteristic. We want to achieve success together, not weigh groups or people against each other. At the same time, every person should have an environment that ensures equal opportunity of success. And we offer such a framework. 

Blue is boundless in numbers

  • 4,500 employees from 79 nations and speaking a total of 53 languages work at our 51 offices worldwide.
  • The proportion of female employees has been over 40 percent for years: Currently, 46 percent of Dreso employees are female, and the upward trend is continuing. We are pleased that in the construction and real estate industry – traditionally a maledominated sector – more and more women are choosing to work for Drees & Sommer.
  • Age is just a number: On average, Dresos are 36.9 years old. But we are far from average: 22 percent of employees are ‘old hands’ with more than 20 years of professional experience. And every year, some 300 career starters join a company in the Drees & Sommer Group