Sustainable refurbishment in the automotive industry

Renovate, modernize, revitalize – tomorrow’s buildings are already there, but they need upgrading because climate protection, social trends and modification of production lines are changing requirements.


All buildings need regular upgrading – both of their building systems equipment and to increase energy efficiency. It’s the only way to preserve the value of your properties. Because sustainable revitalization makes legacy buildings fit for the future. The important thing to remember here is that every sector poses different challenges, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution! We know the challenges and our experts can offer sector-specific refurbishment solutions.


Our automotive experts know how to make the best possible use of your inventory. They get involved in your revitalization project right from the start, run through various scenarios with you and implement them just the way you want – on request as a complete package that includes project management, planning and construction management. We combine an eye for the big picture with expertise that covers the smallest detail.

Drees & Sommer delivers all the necessary competencies, from energy analysis and building technology to plant & equipment technology. All from a single source. This saves you time, avoids coordination loops with different service providers, and cuts costs.


In the industry, we differentiate between greenfield projects (new construction on previously undeveloped sites) and brownfield projects, which involve the redevelopment of sites that have already been used.

In the automotive and industrial sectors in particular, there are many factors that make it necessary to adapt established buildings. Frequently, the reason is the result of changes to production lines. Regardless of whether you are integrating a new production facility or implementing new processes, every change places new demands on existing buildings. Another reason is the upgrade of buildings to meet new energy performance requirements. These include standards such as the EU taxonomy and digitization. Many companies are asking questions like: “What is the carbon footprint of my site and how can I reduce it?” Are you faced with such issues? If so, you should make use of our experts’ know-how, because we have the answers.



We don’t have a standard approach. But, as a first step, we always discuss your goals and requirements. As a rule, the focus is on your production, and we ensure that your building meets the needs of your production processes and that all legal requirements are complied with. You also benefit from our expertise in Integrated Factory Planning, the optimal symbiosis of production and industrial construction planning. We start the planning process by looking at the product. This ensures that your production sets new standards. Whether we provide individual service modules or a complete package, we ensure maximum added value. And on request, we can also integrate carbon neutrality, Cradle to Cradle® and/or BIM. Find out more about Integrated Factory Planning.


If you would you like to know more about sustainable refurbishment in the automotive sector, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Christoph Schmidt Senior Project Manager

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