Process consulting

Regardless of whether or not the client is planning a construction project, processes – such as those in production or building operation – have to run smoothly and be future-proof. Our process consultants support their clients in this area.

The start of a project usually involves the need to improve existing structures, processes and functions. Goals can include establishing new business areas, increasing organizational effectiveness and efficiency, but also achieving lasting structural and functional improvements. Clients can benefit from having their ideas examined by an objective external consultant with appropriate industry experience.

In the case of new work and production processes, we evaluate requirements and advise on implementation and change management. This can involve a wide range of different areas – from new work environments to equipment performance optimization in individual production lines, or from the adaptation of a hospital to new hygiene requirements to lean, digitized processes in real estate management.


Industries face different tasks

Each industry faces a wide array of challenges. Interdisciplinary teams of experts work together with clients on industry-specific solutions, for example for the Automotive, Aviation, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing and Processing industries and the public sector – to name but a few. Our industry teams understand their client’s core processes and are in a position to future-proof them.