Even before the coronavirus pandemic we appreciated the important role played by hospitals, clinics and doctor’s practices in society. Given their level of importance, it is imperative to minimize the risk of such healthcare real estate suffering outages or being compromised. This is an obligation for each hospital under healthcare regulations as part of their mandate to provide healthcare.

How well are you prepared for safety- and security-related situations?

  • Do your operational and emergency management systems meet current standards and are they generally state-of-the-art?
  • Do you have a current alarm and action plan, including an alert structure, for your hospital?
  • Do you have a current alert structure for your staff and officers?
  • Are you adequately prepared for emergencies such as failure of technical infrastructure or the loss off public utilities (critical infrastructure requirements)?
  • Does the building structure meet current standards with regard to protection against acts of violence or similar (burglary, theft, vandalism)?
  • How can your hospital respond flexibly and cost-effectively to epidemic and pandemic response plans?
  • How do you ensure effective crisis management and Business Continuity Management (BCM) in an emergency?
  • Does your personnel and service provider management take crises and emergencies into account?
  • Do logistics and stockpiling policies need to be changed? How can you create redundancy in these areas?



You have to address the following points

  • Legal requirements and recommendations
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Ensure adequate physical and digital protection of data (BSI data security)
  • Update operational organization and crisis management for the next medical crisis


Analysis of environment and current status
User and stakeholder coordination
Prioritization and development of measures
Coordination and implementation of measures
Final report

The benefits for you

  • Support from dedicated Drees & Sommer experts for healthcare safety and security concepts
  • Comprehensive group-wide network with in-house experts covering all relevant fields such as operational and organizational consulting, and structural and technical security
  • Interdisciplinary teams of doctors, specialist planners, engineers, project managers and IT specialists cover medical, clinical and technical operations as well as buildings and logistics.
  • Support and coaching from experienced specialists
  • We have our finger on the pulse with cross-sector expertise

Would you like to know more about safety and security concepts in hospitals?

Gerald Herndlhofer General Manager Drees & Sommer Austria | Healthcare


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