Advanced Program Execution (APX)

Stability and transparency for program rollouts: PROGRAM EXECUTION MONITOR achieves a high level of standardization, resulting in clearly assigned tasks and well-structured processes on a cloud-based data and communication platform.

How well do you know your programs and projects?

  • Do you have to manage a number of projects and programs at different locations at the same time?
  • Do you have to deal with a large number of external contract partners?
  • Do you have to take the needs and wishes of numerous stakeholders into account?
  • Does the volume of individual projects and programs tend to be small?

Are you already addressing the following success-critical factors?

  • Core processes
  • Controlling
  • Central database
  • Project communication
  • Lean takt time planning
  • Defect management


How to roll out Program Execution Monitor

As a first step, we analyze and optimize your core processes. We work with you to ensure clear assignment of tasks and create a repetitive workflow structure with standardized processes using a cloud-based data and communication platform.

We use lean takt time planning to ensure fast and efficient execution of your programs and projects. We set up a controlling system for the project using a central database. Thanks to our Project Communication System, all key data and information is available to you at all times. Structured defect management ensures all defects and outstanding work can be identified and tracked.

The benefits for you

  • Clear assignment of tasks
  • Efficient and clearly defined processes and workflows
  • Clearly structured, concise overview of all current programs and projects
  • Exploiting synergies thanks to cross-application standards

Would you like to know more about Program Execution Monitor?

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