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Drees & Sommer BIM Solutions Roadshow in Luxembourg

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Drees & Sommer held the BIM Solutions Roadshow  in Luxembourg to provide information on the future of construction and present the latest BIM trends. The roadshow was part of Drees & Sommer Luxembourg's 20th anniversary activities and offered exciting showcases and interactive workshops on various BIM topics.

The "BIM Solutions Roadshow" from Drees & Sommer made a stop in Luxembourg. The event marked the finale of Drees & Sommer Luxembourg's 20th anniversary activities this year: over a period of twenty weeks, various activities, such as events or publications, took place on core topics and sectors of the company. This week, our dedicated BIM experts shared their visions of the future of construction and revealed the latest insights and BIM trends to the Luxembourg team.

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a method for the digital planning, execution and management of construction projects. It involves collecting and managing all relevant information about a building or infrastructure in a central model. This enables efficient cooperation between all project participants, improves communication and reduces errors as well as costs. BIM makes it possible to look at the entire life cycle of a building, from planning and construction to use and maintenance.

Participants of the event experienced exciting showcases that highlighted the power of BIM on a large scale. These demonstrations included urban planning and open space planning and showed the seamless integration of BIM into these areas. There were also interactive workshops covering BIM basics, efficient design coordination, PMO-BIM and the integration of BIM into ongoing projects.

After the workshops, it was time to exchange ideas and network. The BIM Solutions Roadshow is a worthy conclusion to the company's anniversary, it puts the spotlight on the commitment. to promote cross-departmental and cross-country collaboration and to ensure that every team member is well informed about the latest developments. These efforts strengthen Drees & Sommer's corporate culture and underline the company's constant commitment to innovation.