Come and say “Holo”! Drees & Sommer at EXPO REAL 2022 (copy 1)

Who says that digitization doesn’t have a human touch? Drees & Sommer is once again participating in EXPO REAL in Munich this year. From October 4 to 6, we will unite the contrasting worlds of ‘digital’ and ‘human’ (real estate) at booth B2.120 under the motto ‘DIGITAL GOES HUMAN’. 

Specifically in the case of digitization, it is helpful to think about sustainable solutions and new ways to network. At our booth, you can see how distance can be bridged with an avatar. For Drees & Sommer, it’s about collaborating and using innovative approaches to create a livable future. There are countless possibilities – from holography to the metaverse. The experts at our booth will show you how the benefits of digitization can make life easier for people in buildings, urban districts and cities. 

Fascinating keynote dialogs await you: 

  • CREATING A CLIMATE FOR THE FUTURE // City goes Circular: How will Urban Mining turn Heidelberg into a raw material repository?

        When: Tuesday, 04.10.2022, 4 pm 
        Who: Jürgen Odszuck, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Heidelberg 
        with Steffen Szeidl, CEO of Drees & Sommer 
        Where: Drees & Sommer booth B2.120

  • MAKING ESTABLISHED BUILDINGS FIT FOR USERS // New Work goes Urban: How can bold change to urban areas in Munich succeed?

        When: Wednesday, 05.10.2022, 10:45 am
        Who: Kristina Frank, urban planning consultant, City of Munich 
        with Andreas Stieglbauer, Associate Partner at Drees & Sommer 
        Where: Drees & Sommer booth B2.120

  • TAKING DIGITIZATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL // Metaverse goes Real Estate: Hype or the biggest opportunity for the construction industry in 200 years?

        When: Wednesday, 05.10.2022, 2 pm
        Who: Christiane Stein, Metaverse expert
        with Michael Aechtler, Head of Innovation Services at Drees & Sommer 
        Where: Drees & Sommer booth B2.120

In addition, the following panels discussions will take place as part of the EXPO REAL conference program: 

        When: Tuesday, 04.10.2022, 1:45 pm
        What: Old hotel properties as the raw material repositories of the future
        Who: Gesa Rohwedder, Associate Partner at Drees & Sommer
        Where: Booth A1.440

        When: Wednesday, 05.10.2022, 10:00 am
        What: It doesn't get any greener! Upswing due to Green Assets?
        Who: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bauer, Partner at Drees & Sommer
        Where: Booth A2.450, EXPO REAL FORUM

        When: Wednesday, 05.10.2022, 4:30 pm
        What: Partial refurbishment with awareness of building elements and materials  – Building Resource Pass case study based on the example of the Huthmacher Building
        Who: Sybille Mai (EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer) and Dr. Patrick Bergmann (Madaster Germany)
        Where: Booth A1.214 (Die Bayerische Hausbau)

In addition, Drees & Sommer is co-exhibitor at two other booths this year: 

        Hamburg: B2.430
        Mainz: C1.240

Visit Drees & Sommer at booth B2.120 at EXPO REAL in Munich and say “Holo”!*
 *And if you want to know what that’s all about – just come and see!