Update on the future theses for the construction and real estate industry

Artificial intelligence and generative AI, virtual worlds, green cities, sustainability, data: what will our world look like in ten years? What trends are being implemented in the construction and real estate industry, and what innovations will simplify our daily routines in the future? Since nothing is as constant as change, the future theses first published in 2021 have been updated.

The further development of the metaverse, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, brings new dynamics into the future scenarios. Other theses have moved closer together over time in terms of content or have been combined.

Furthermore, the publication deals with the questions of what our world will look like in ten years, which trends will prevail, and which innovations will simplify our daily routines in the future.

The holistic view and the interaction of cities, infrastructure and technologies remain the focus, with people playing the central role. Sustainability continues to be the most important premise in the thesis.

AI-generated images were used for the first time in the publication. This allows future scenarios to be visually realized with a lot of creative scope.

The aim of the future theses is to create a basis for discussing the challenges ahead and to call for a dialogue about them. Therefore, the Drees & Sommer Innovation Center provides an important foundation for innovation, inspiration and future business models.