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Healthcare Buildings

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg


Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg




4 Bund Planungsgemeinschaft 

Project duration

September 2014 to June 2027

Costs (net)

386 Mio. €

Usable space

54.000m² (new building), 8.200m² (conversion)

Gross floor area

123.000m² (new building), 15.500m² (conversion),


123.000m² (Neubau), 15.500m² (Umbau)



In Luxembourg, a new hospital is being built on an existing site. At the same time, existing parts of the building are being modernised and converted.

The new building takes into account the urban and architectural character of the surrounding district and blends into the cityscape

Added value

  • Competent advice and representation of the client's interests towards all other project participants
  • Support of the client in the performance of his duties

Detailed services

  • Data management
  • Cost / Deadline controlling
  • BIM Management
  • Feasibility study, 360° analysis
  • Construction Site Logistics
  • lean design management
  • Project Management
  • building services engineering
  • Organization & Process Consulting
  • Project management
  • lean site management
  • Planner selection procedure