Colocation data centers

Colocation data centers

The digital transformation is rapidly changing requirements for company organizational processes and, as a result, for IT infrastructure. Companies are focused on flexibility, individuality and speed – factors that will increasingly define our private environment as well. For many companies, colocation data centers are an ideal opportunity to integrate their corporate IT (hardware) into a safe, redundant data center environment.

Our experts undertake all phases of colocation data center development – from management consulting, design and General Construction Management to commissioning.

The focus is on ensuring maximum leasable whitespace, a scalable, future-proof design, and sustainable cost-efficient operation.

What are the challenges of the future?

  • Stringent security requirements as a result of digitization
  • High demand for flexibility and adaptability
  • Exponential growth of data volume and storage capacity
  • New software architecture requirements as a result of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud services
  • Reduction of space requirements through use of cloud services
  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Sustainability criteria and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria

Which services do we provide?

  • Management consulting with vision definition
  • Colocation analysis of existing infrastructure(TDD+IT)
    • Environment, risk and vulnerability analysis
    • Availability analysis
    • Security and reliabilityanalysis
    • Space and IT analysis
    • Energy consumption analysis (operation) with operator concept
  • Project management and Technical and Economic Controlling with Single Point of Contact (SPoC)
  • Site search with environment and risk analysis
    • Connectivity and power supply analysis (redundancy)
  • Feasibility study for new construction or revitalization
  • Planning services through to General Construction Management
  • Certification consulting and support
  • Commissioning management through to black building test
  • Data center fitout and tenant management

The added value for you

  • Based on your area requirement goals (whitespace), we use a structured process to develop a vision for your colocation data center of the future.
  • This identifies the requirements for modularity, expandability and expansion stages, and site selection – including environmental analysis such as redundant IT infrastructure and redundant energy supply – with the aim of achieving maximum leasable whitespace as a proportion of total area.
  • Our expert team supports you every step of the way – from vision definition, project management, technical & economic controlling (TEC) as a Single Point of Contact (SPoC), design and planning of your new colocation data center / revitalization of your existing colocation data center, through to commissioning and black building test. Development focuses on cost-efficient operation as a result of optimal colocation data center structure and the selection of the right equipment in terms of sustainability and availability.

Customized colocation data centers by Drees & Sommer with a focus on future viability,availability, security, flexibility, sustainability and cost-efficiency.



Whether you are looking for support with data centers or IT infrastructure, Drees & Sommer offers innovative solutions from the initial concept to operation – solutions that take into account both increasingly stringent standards for security and energy efficiency and greater expectations with regard to profitability. Our team always addresses your specific requirements and ensures security, availability and data flow within your company and/or data center throughout the project.