Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM)

Drees & Sommer Life Sciences experts use EPCM to bring together all planning, consulting and management services. At the same time, they use modern lean methods for the planning of building and plant projects. This systematically reduces interfaces, simplifies coordination of the entire project, and helps achieve optimal coordination and structure, even in the case of super fast track projects.

You have to address the following points:

  • Selection of your EPCM partner
  • Competence and experience in the assessment of key personnel
  • Holistic planning of interfaces

How important is EPCM to you?

  • Are you planning a complex building and plant project with a tight schedule?
  • Are you facing a high level of management and coordination effort with only limited resources?
  • Do you have to restructure a facility while it is in full operation?
  • Is it particularly important to ensure the execution quality of the project?
  • Do you want to reduce interfaces and responsibilities for liability reasons.
  • Do you want cost and schedule certainty at the earliest possible point in the project?

How we approach EPCM

Drees & Sommer specialists undertake goal-oriented management of the entire EPCM project team and create transparency in all planning and realization phases of the project. Independent and neutral planning and consulting mean that the principal has maximum flexibility with regard to decisions. This extends from defining the planning scope and processes to the award of contracts. The EPCM contract partner uses Integrated Construction Management to monitor and control execution, and is responsible for commissioning, including qualification.



Implementation of the entire technical planning and coordination


Tendering and awarding process for all implementation services


Supervision and coordination of all execution services

The benefits for you

  • Excellent project management competence
  • Lean method competence during structured setupand during execution of all planning and realization processes
  • Concepts with an appropriate balance between cost-efficiency and sustainability
  • Specialist knowledge and innovative tools for the coordination of planning and realization processes
  • Full transparency of planning content, planning progress, and realization
  • Fair, cooperative and open interaction with each other
  • Professional handling of project disruptions thanks to management and specialist competence for analysis, resolution and avoidance
  • Integrated Construction Management with Lean Site Management (LSM) undertakes holistic management and control of the construction site – right through until successful completion of the commissioning, acceptance, handover + qualification process

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Pharmaceutical technology, medical technology and medical biotechnology are all very distinct areas of Life Sciences. Our products and solutions help companies in this sector reliably achieve success in their projects. Despite all the different processes and outcomes, all our products feature a combination of economical, digital, sustainable and innovative components.