Digital Services

Digital Services

Smart networking of smart buildings: When it comes to future-oriented buildings and districts, the use of innovative technologies and open platforms is indispensable. Apart from anything else, they contribute to the sustainability of the projects. For example, smart measuring devices allow accurate reporting and precise control of consumption.

The focus is on the building and its digital users

Smart living with digital services means the automation and standardization of everyday processes and routines to increase amenity. This makes life easier – rather than more complicated. Digital services support residents with everyday activities, such as parking and shopping, parcel delivery, babysitting, and other services. Apartments are ‘digital ready’, allowing the implementation of customized, user-specific smart living solutions. All features are optional, none are mandatory.


You can get double the benefit by offering digital services now

Incorporating infrastructure for smart technologies into planning today is both far-sighted and future-oriented. Smart management of residential buildings and portfolios and the associated accurate reporting of consumption and carbon emissions can make a valuable contribution to achieving the 2050 climate targets.

Also, new platform models offer operators attractive opportunities and non-rent related income streams by making digital services available to tenants and owners.

Do you need help with the technical upgrade of your property?

What we can do for you:

  • We advise on which technologies offer optimal added value.
  • We help you select suitable system partners.
  • We are your central contact for the integration of digital and smart elements in your project.
  • We support you with the design and implementation of pilot projects (technology scouting).
  • We identify and analyze necessary measures and provide operational support during the rollout in individual buildings and portfolios.

The benefits for you

You can benefit from:

  • Value creation through holistic solutions
  • The exploitation of existing potential and project optimization
  • Possible business development through innovative new business cases
  • Digitization of facility management and building stock
  • Achievement of climate goals through digital connectivity

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Simon Dietzfelbinger will be happy to help you with any questions you have on any aspect of digital services.


Simon Dietzfelbinger Head of Residential Properties