Media Release

Sustainability conference to mark Drees & Sommer company anniversary

Innovation x Sustainability Panel: Martin Pietzonka, Verena Gross, Robert Glaesener, Sabrina Kohn, Jürgen Primm

A sustainability conference followed by a dinner party held on 20 September to mark Drees & Sommer's 20th anniversary at its Luxembourg location. In addition to a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Robert Göötz on "ESG in the real estate sector", the official program included a panel discussion on "Innovation x Sustainability" with experts from Dussmann Group, Landimmo Real Estate, Luxembourg House of Sustainability and Fiveoffices. The evening ended with a dinner party.

The conference entitled "Sustainability of the Future" followed by a dinner party was a highlight of the 20 activities to mark Drees & Sommer's 20th anniversary in Luxembourg. Maximilien Ast, Managing Director Drees & Sommer Luxembourg welcomed the guests and presented a retrospective of the development of the office and team in Luxembourg over the last 20 years.

Prof. Dr. Robert Göötz, Managing Director of Real Blue Kapitalverwaltungs-GmbH, held the keynote "ESG in the real estate sector" and explained the differences between sustainability and ESG. He also spoke about the EU taxonomy and the associated challenges for real estate owners.

The subsequent Innovation x Sustainability panel, moderated by Martin Pietzonka, Drees & Sommer Head of Innovation Services, Startup Hub Berlin, took stock of the current state of sustainability in the construction and real estate industry, discussed the influence of innovations, technology and startups on the development of sustainability and best practice examples. Verena Gross from Dussmann Group, Sabrina Kohn from House of Sustainability, Jürgen Primm from Landimmo Real Estate and Robert Glaesener from Fiveoffices and Talkwalker were the members of the lively panel discussion.

The evening came to an atmospheric close at a joint dinner party in the adjacent roof terrace bar of the Mama Shelter Hotel on Luxembourg's Kirchberg.